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Find your right pillows with these simple tips

The function of a good pillow is to give support to the neck and cervical vertebrae in their natural position. In addition, the cushion must absorb moisture you perspire every night. Therefore, a good pillow must meet several criteria. The pads must be wear-resistant, durable, resilient, supportive, and yet remain soft at any time.

The pad must also be breathable. Many people sleep on a pillow that has long lost its resilience. However good the pillow was, when the time has come, it must be changed. It is recommended that your cushion should be replaced every three to five years. A new pillow is often a large investment. In addition, you may be overwhelmed by a variety of offers. Therefore, in this article, I will show you the way to find your own pillow

Three criteria that a good pillow must have are quality, stability and good ventilation for optimum comfort to prevent neck pain, back pain and headaches. However, the most important aspect when choosing a new pillow is your sleeping position. There are different pillows for the different sleeping position: stomach sleepers, back sleepers, and side sleepers.

Consider what sleep position you usually fall asleep with and what pillow suits you the best. A stomach sleeper needs a thin pillow. People who sleep in this position do not need so much support for the neck, but a soft feel to the head is required. A back sleeper needs a cushion which is not too high so that the concave curvature of the neck is supported.

The neck vertebrae of side sleepers are the best in the extension of the remainder of the vertebrae, in order to keep as low as possible the pressure on the intervertebral discs and not to cause muscle tension. The cushion can not be too high, but also not be too low. In order to bridge the various shoulder widths, pillows are available in different heights. For more about your sleeping buddies, visit www.bedtimefriends.com.



A wide variety of materials is used for the interior. Both the natural materials such as feathers, down, wool, latex, silk, bamboo and kapok and artificial materials: the memory foam synthetic and artificial fibres are available on the market.

Memory foam has the greatest advantage that there is a perfect pressure distribution is created with a lowered centre portion to raised the side compartments. Thus the neck with a pillow of memory foam is fully supported.

Natural materials in a pillow provide good moisture management.

Mixed fillings in a pillow are a practical alternative to take full advantage of the different materials. Consider stuffing balls of wool or latex for the resilient and airy pocket. There are also cushions made of modern foams filled with memory foam flakes, topped with a layer of moisturising down or wool. Optionally, they are still coated with a mattress cover from antibacterial and antifungal yarns for optimum sleep hygiene.


Five tips for choosing the perfect pillow

Neck pain is nobody’s friend, and it’s certainly not an ideal sleeping’s buddy. Unfortunately, some sleeping positions may worsen the neck pain due to the wrong choice of pillows.

If you suffer from neck pain or sleep problems, pay attention to the pillow you are sleeping on. You may even be surprised that choosing the right pillow can make a big difference when you are awake staring at the clock in comfort descend into dreamland.

However, there is a wide range of pillows on the market that may overwhelm you. The first step is to determine what your main sleeping position. Certain types of pillows will support the head and neck, and this depends on your sleeping position.

When you know what your favourite sleeping position, you are ready to shop for a new pillow. Just make sure you keep these five tips in mind before you choose a new sleeping buddy.

# 1 Ask your chiropractor for advice. Talk to the person who understands what the cause of your neck pain is before you choose a new cushion: your chiropractor. He or she can give some useful guidance when choosing a pillow that provides the most benefit for you.

# 2 Do research. Surf the web and look for cushions that fit your sleeping position. Read reviews from people who have neck pain and see what pillows may help. Make a note of the name of the cushion, the price and the store.

# 3 Think of the stuffing. Cushions are filled with different materials. You’ll have to make a tradeoff which is best suited for you. Down and feather pillows can be very comfortable for your neck, but if you are allergic, these are the wrong choices.

Memory foam is a popular choice because of its ability to adapt to the shape of the body. Consider carefully what kind of filling best suits your way of sleeping.

# 4 Consider format. Pillows should generally be 10-15 centimetres high to relieve pressure points around your neck and shoulders. Extra thick cushions or flat pillows are probably not good choices (again, this is dependent on your sleeping position).

Your body figure should also be taken into consideration when choosing a pillow. Someone with a bigger body needs a bigger cushion, while someone with a finely built body should go for a smaller pillow. It depends on the need to give a cushion support and comfort and to keep your neck in a neutral position.

# 5 Try to “save”. Cushions that are designed to reduce neck pain will not be cheap. With all the cheap pillows available, it is tempting to settle for a more modest priced option.

Before you spend a small amount on a cushion that will not alleviate your problem, remember the many painful nights and brackish mornings are waiting. You then would rather pay a lot more money to feel better. Pull out your wallet and buy the pillow that will minimise the chance of back and neck pain.

Shopping for the perfect pillow is a big investment. By following these tips and take the time to choose the right pillow, you will achieve your goal, we promise.

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