Not only in autumn and winter can lead to strong winds. Poor weather conditions may occur throughout the year. Is your party tents for sale several weeks or even year-round outdoors, you should inform yourself about the possibilities for securing tents and possibly retrofitted accordingly. How and what to do this, read here.

Backup Accessories at a glance

Storm damage are annoying and expensive, at worst underwriting issues also need to be clarified. With an effective state protection of the tent, which is done by an adapted floor safety, you can prevent this and must not degrade necessarily with any bad weather message campgrounds. The following accessories help to increase the stability of your tent:

  • Sandbags
  • Special feet
  • Senior pegs and professional ground anchor
  • Storm protection
  • Safety Plus package

The efficiency of the attachments is of course pronounced differently and therefore suitable for various tasks. Specifically, we will present the different accessories now and explain their uses.


Sandbags and fixierendas tent poles and the canvas – A quick and easy way to increase the stability of a tent, are sandbags. Thanks to your help to make bars and tarpaulin additionally complain and fix. This is a slight increase on the one hand, the stability of the tent, prevented the other of the noise nuisance caused by wind movements of the trailer. However, as effective protection against bad weather for tents sandbags are not suitable, but only as an additional improvement of the stability. We carry no sandbags in our range.

Special feet

The special feet is loaded with concrete slabs. By special feet equip to special metal feet that are additionally weighted by concrete slabs. This will help achieve a high level of stability on hard ground and a good protection against winds. The special feet can be easily used on the sides or at the corners of the tent linkage. After concrete slabs are used for loading.

The special feet is only suitable for party and storage tents quality lines PE tents and ECONOMY – not for tents quality lines: PREMIUM, PROFESSIONAL and VIKING.

Senior pegs and professional ground anchor

Senior pegs and professional ground anchors serve for additional mounting on different substrates

Soil nails are used for fastening and fixing of tension cables and storm safety belts and contribute also to the improvement of stability. The 60 cm-long nails from fully galvanized steel are particularly suitable for soft ground such as grass, sand or gravel.

For securing tents standing on hard surfaces such as concrete, tar or stone, ground anchors are intended. How pegs also serve ground anchors of the fastening and fixing of tensioning ropes and slings, thereby increasing the stability of a tent. Ground anchor made of a metal frame anchor with spreading from fully galvanized steel.

Storm protection

In strong winds and heavy rains that storm protection for safety and stability makes. It consists of a special ground anchor system, this includes robust tension belts and floor fixings. Depending on the substrate can be selected as a base mounting Senior pegs or professional ground anchors. The robust tensioning straps made of very strong fabric material can be easily tightened with ratchet tensioners and have at the end of each one steel hook for the connection to the base mounting. The storm protectionis a great way to increase the stability significantly and fixed the tent optimally to the ground. The storm protection is available for all party tents.

Safety Plus package

A high degree of steadiness for campgrounds provides the Security Plus package. It comes with a static, which was tested by a German engineering firm and holds a wind load up to wind force max. 10 or a snow load up to max. 50 – 60 kg/sqm stand. The entire tent structure is additionally stabilized and fixed by a specially designed steel cable system, a ground anchoring system and reinforced straps with ratchet tensioners. Depending on the soil type can be selected between Senior pegs or professional ground anchors for floor anchoring. With our WAREHOUSES and the VIKING series the security is included Plus package configuration.

Tents PROFESSIONAL and PROFESSIONAL PLUS line can be expanded with the Security Plus package. PE tents and our tent lines ECONOMY, ECONOMY PLUS, PREMIUM and PREMIUM PLUS can be assured by the Security Plus package in terms of wind and snow loads no properties. Nevertheless, the Security Plus package increase the standing and wind resistance for these types of tents high.

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