Waterproof, storm proof, practical design, easy to put on and big. High demands are placed on the best family tent. In this last family tent, test participants get hit hard.

A winner was difficult to pinpoint because the tents themselves are different. In conclusion, see you which tents are best suited for short camping/trekking or camping for long in one place. In this latter category consists of the rain and wind test and the composition of the material more heavily. The design ease is less relevant. The tents recently camp has easy to set just so wrong.

Here you will find the conclusion of the tent test. Among them are all tents developed with the ability to click through to the full results per tent.

Best tents for camping and short trekking

– Quechua Arpenaz Family 5 XL
– Vango Langley 500
– Karsten Tunnel 3600
– Eureka RC Grand BTC

The first two have the advantage that they are lighter in weight.

Best camping tents for long on one spot

– Falco Hawk 4000
– Karsten Tunnel 3600

The Falco has the advantage that the tent has maintenance-free cloth and a detachable groundsheet. Karsten has the cotton fabric that makes for a more pleasant living environment. Eureka RC BTC, the Outwell Alabama 5P, and Carl Denig Electra Large are a good 2nd choice.

Rain Test: Apart from Carl Denig and Coleman, all tents score very well in the rain test.

Storm Test: When the wind test score Quechua, Coleman and Vango lower than the rest.

Camping Tent set up without fumbling: Information and tips.

A tent set up is not hard. There is a (starting) camper few as embarrassing as having to wrestle long on a site with an ‘unwilling’ tent while neighboring campers watching amused!

Such a thing does not happen to you because even set up a big family tent is relatively easy when you know what order you have to work. But it is best if you practice before the holidays at least once in your tent, so you know how everything works.

On most campsites, you will nowadays hardly choose your pitch yourself, especially when you go on vacation in the high season. You usually get assigned a spot for your tent. If you still can choose, find a real flat piece of ground. Preferably not in a ‘bowl’, because if you get a downpour than running the business there under water. Where the inner tent should be making the land free of twigs, pine cones, pebbles, and other irregularities. Put the tent so that you do not catch the wind gets up the entrance.

In most areas, the wind comes predominantly from one side so that the choice is not so difficult. Large bungalow, pyramid or dome tents are best slightly diagonal to the wind. So do not put the back right in the wind, but one of the back corners and preferably not a neighborhood where even the kitchen extension is because it is often sensitive to the wind. Noktenten with a beautiful wraparound rear can quite be put on the wind to the back.

Spent tensioning much attention. Make sure the tent is to be nice and tight and that all the pegging points are firmly on pegs or tent pegs. Who casually in this regard is a chance his tent damaged after a massive storm and even find a lot further. The provision of a real storm resistance is, therefore, no superfluous luxury. For the wind bracing of content can best be taken a long line, which is drawn around by all the tensioner loops or D-rings. That line gets you to the front on both sides and then spreads them through each between pegging points to place a tent peg. Just so long and so far unyoke to the line quite tight and the bottom edge of the tent is pushed almost to the ground. Now that the storm can not relieve under the tent and ordinary pegging points also.

Digging trenches around the tent around is nowadays superfluous because many camping tents have bucket land sailing, which keeps the water out of the tents. Also, maintain property owners do not exactly appreciate if you do not dig your shelter. There is a reference for the design tips for your particular tent to separate user which is packed with your tent.

For more information, visit http://www.familytentcenter.com/

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