Trends come in all shapes and sizes. The so-called trend watchers have of predicting trends made their profession. Also in the field of tents, you have to deal with patterns. Trends are apparent in the use of color, but also, for example in the area of design convenience. Easiness is the man saying goes once now. A few years ago we saw the first pop-up tents. You throw the tent in the air and automatically folds out. Within a few seconds, ready to camp. The trend this year is the inflatable tent. This is the best 4 person tent. What’s so great about it? We explain it to you.

Tent without poles

Once you know how to do it, it’s not that hard to set up a tent with poles. But you’re not so handy, then an inflatable or inflatable tent a godsend for you. You do not have to look for sticks. You do not have to deal with broken sticks because there are simply no sticks. With an inflatable tent pole are all replaced by houses. Those snakes can be inflated with a hand pump or supplied with an individual electric pump available for this. These tubes are adamant and include much stronger than fiberglass poles. And if you manage to get a broken air hose, you can replace easily. Compare it to an inner tube of a bicycle.

Assembly and disassembly is a breeze

Another (major) benefit of an inflatable tent is the ease in setting up and breaking down. Where you at a ‘regular’ tunnel tent least two persons need to build, you can do it easily on your own with an inflatable tent now and then even a fraction of the time. And because you have no tent poles, the tent is usually a lot lighter, which facilitates transport.

We have an extensive range of pumping grafting or inflatable sit in our collection. So we have a different family tent in polyester and polyester cotton, lightweight caravan awnings and tents for smaller motorhomes.

Most pumping grafts are equipped with individual air hoses. You can pump the air hoses separately via the valves at the bottom of the tent. In a single tent, the structure is an additional simple because the outer tent, the ground sheet, and the inner tent are all connected to each other. In this 6 Miami (the flagship of our collection) is the case and all air hoses are attached to the tent (except the roof) so that you can fully inflate the tent area at once.


The advantages and disadvantages at a glance

Obviously, you must above all choose what feels right for you. We list the pros and cons of an inflatable tent a bit at a glance:

Pros: Very fast and easy to set up, lighter, compared to ‘regular’ tunnel tents, no broken, damaged or missing poles more, air hoses move with the wind, making them less stress and ultimately better against storm and high wind gusts.

Cons: The pump is on the canvas rolled the pack size which is larger. As a result, these tents are not suitable for cycling. But more for family holidays. Because the outer tent, the ground sheet, and the inner tents are all connected with each other, it is not possible to divide up the tent in multiple packets. It may, therefore, be less practical to pack the car. Air hoses expand in warm weather. At temperatures above 25 degrees, we recommend that the air hoses as hard to pump to prevent the pressure in the tube are too large.

Where you put your tent the best?

Are you going this year for the first time camping with a tent? Congratulations and have fun! Or maybe you already camped with a tent, but it was a long time ago. If you’re an experienced camper canvas, the following tips might not be new, but it is wise to keep in mind again every year. Anyway, do it to your advantage!

Tip 1: Confirming

Put your (new) tent first home. So you know everything (yet) to sit, or you might need to replace parts. If you check before you are in for any unpleasant surprise in any case at the campsite. Also, take some spares with you to the camp. Handy to have his duck tape and rock pens with you. With duck tape, you if needed minor repairs themselves. Rock Pens are made of steel and are useful when the regular pegs do not get into the ground.

Tip 2: Choose the right location

You going camping in an area where the chance of rain is certainly there, do not put your tent at the lowest spot on the campsite. Otherwise, you will have a pond in your tent soon, and you do not want. Whether you want a place in the sun or shade is very personal. Also, remember what time of day the sun you want. The advantage of shade is that (in a hot country) not very early burning out your tent. Rather, it remains relatively cool. For your tent is a place in the shade better, for tents suffer from UV rays. Tents that have long been exposed to direct UV radiation damage. The tent material apparently makes a difference, because a cotton tent better against UV radiation than polyester or nylon tents.

When you take into account these tips, it can only go well. Is your vacation over, also go well with your tent. Pack pegs and poles apart from the tent in. Do not miss parts or have some been broken, replace it immediately after your vacation so that you have for your next vacation all right.

Do you have a great tip that you should consider when setting up a tent? We want to hear and share these with other campers. For more information, visit http://www.familytentcenter.com/

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