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The different shapes of guitars.

The shapes of electric guitars

The electric guitar is the workhorse of rock music and is also widely used in blues, jazz and pop music. They are generally “solid body” but electric guitars with hollow bodies are available (ES-45) which gives them some acoustic resonance. You will find below the main forms of solid body electric guitars.


Designed by Leo Fender and his team in 1954, the Stratocaster, over the years, has become one of the most popular models in the world. The Stratocaster is mainly characterized by its practical aspects: its low weight in comparison to other models and his cut panels allow easily access to the most acute cases. It is undoubtedly the electric guitar in the most versatile and the most imitated. With three single-coil pickups, the Stratocaster originally allowed to get three sounds. It is also the first guitar to be equipped with an effective vibrato arm. Nowadays many brands offer electric guitars Stratocaster form.


Les Paul electric guitar has become a real icon for guitarists. This electric guitar model was manufactured in 1952 when Gibson decided he needed a solid body guitar to counter Fender Telecaster. Gibson created the first model Les Paul with the distinctive look of a mahogany body and carved maple top that mimicked the look of Gibson arch top guitars.


The RG series (Guitar Roadster), designed in 1979 by Ibanez, is a series of electric guitars among the most popular and rock / metal ever made.

The electric guitar shape RG is appreciated for its fine food handle that ease the play. This model offers a hard, sharp sound needed for rock, metal and hard rock. Many guitarists have chosen a RG guitar as a weapon of choice.

Forms of folk guitar

The shape of the dreadnought acoustic guitar, invented by Henri MARTIN, gives a lot of bass and is ideal to accompany a singer. This is the most versatile folk guitar. It produces a sound bad enough, but not too powerful.

The shape of the jumbo acoustic guitar, with its imposing size is not made for small jigs musicians (insured cramps) and some nickname it “lumberjack guitar.” Due to the size of its cash it produces a powerful sound and is perfect for rhythm. This is the perfect acoustic guitar for rock.

The auditorium form is fine, the volume is smaller but the sound carries farther. This is a guitar that is perfect for a soft game and finesse. This is the perfect guitar for the blues, soul and bossa.

The concert form is a compromise between the jumbo guitar and the auditorium. It is a comfortable and easy to play guitar. A guitar concert produces a powerful, balanced sound between bass notes and melody. This is the perfect acoustic guitar for recording and concerts, fulfilling the sound space and offers a unique playing experience.

How to choose the best guitar for beginners?

First, it is ESSENTIAL to have fun but not to find “stuck” with a guitar that does not suit you.

If you’re a fan of rock music, and want to play rock, electric guitar is a logical choice. Electric guitars are available in adult size but also child (because of the weight – between 4 and 7 kg – a strap is essential).

The electric guitar has a smaller body, and it’s a pretty easy to play guitar. You can start playing small pieces of music quickly and easily.

However, if you are a fan of acoustic music, variety or pop, and you want to learn how to play your favorite songs, classical or acoustic guitar folk will be the perfect guitar.

Folk guitar is the “flagship” adults guitar. It can play any music in acoustic version.

Classical guitars, allowing a vast musical repertoire, with nylon strings (do not damage the fingers) and warm tones make it the preferred guitar for beginners and teachers.

The bass guitar can be a rewarding instrument to start learning to play instrument. The bass guitar is generally quite easy to learn and beginners can successfully play songs in a few weeks. The downside is that the bass guitar sound ‘deaf’ when not accompanied by a guitar or other instrument.

Budgetary considerations:

Avoid buying ultra-cheap instrument (often hypermarket) of poor quality with poor sound and that will have little value if resold. A low-quality guitar can make it virtually impossible to practice the instrument by a beginner.

For budgetary reasons, the acoustic guitars are usually the first choice of an instrument because they are cheaper than especially electric guitars require the purchase of an amplifier and a guitar cable on which the bill gets heavier. However we prefer packs electric guitar + amplifier + cover + cable … at very reasonable prices.

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