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Before Buying an Electric Scooter.

What is an electric scooter, anyway?

If one collects information on the Internet about best electric scooter, there are two models: firstly, the scooter, which is now available already with electronic engine; secondly the small scooter, most of us still know from childhood and they are motorized, too.

The electric scooter is a motorized vehicle with two wheels which combines a moped type chassis to a motor powered by electrical energy (stored in batteries).

On average, electric scooters can run 50 km on their battery, at an average speed of 45 km / h.

This vehicle, therefore, tends to attract more urban. Especially since the search time is relatively long, four hours, knowing that the higher the price of an electric scooter remains more expensive than a traditional scooter.

If the government offers incentives in the form of subsidies for electric cars, this is not yet the case for scooters.

How to convince the consumers to buy an electric scooter? Beyond the satisfaction of not badly affect the environment, the electric scooter has another argument: the cost of maintenance. Quite low, it would be based on average around 50 cents per 100 km.

Scooter insurance side, the rates are lower than a cover for thermal scooters.

Scooters are available with the engine. Motor drive is of course much more convenient, than come into the pedals or having to push with your foot. If everything still works without fuel, fine. For this reason, more and more transport means are constructed with electric motors. This also includes electric scooters, you can sometimes buy street legal. But you should check in advance exactly how one later this purchase did.

This article focuses on the motorized scooter. It seems quite similar to normal scooter, but it has especially a saddle (bicycle seat) and you must have road legal, even lighting and mirrors on the handlebars so that you will be seen and may even keep track.

More information on the legal electric scooter street

Anyone who wants to buy a the electric scooter, he really should just get a model with approval for road traffic, because not all motorized scooters are permitted to ride on the road. As mentioned above, it should be a small street legal scooter with a front and a rear light. It also has a rear view mirror and handbrake on each side of the steering wheel and side reflectors, and a bell, also. Without these accessories, it is not a legal electric scooter for riding on the street.

When buying an electric scooter, certainly the seller can prove that the electric scooter is approved for road traffic. On the internet, in supermarkets or flea markets, you can find from 100 euros, but you can buy it often blindly, so I do not know if you can go on the street. Go rather to a genuine local distributor and can prove everything and explain, even if you pay a lot more there.

If you are caught with an electric scooter with no admission for road traffic, you have to pay a big sum of money and make points even on your license. The same applies if you do not have the necessary license. For the motorized scooter, you need at least a moped certificate (can be deposited from the age of 15 years). Of course, going every other licenses that give you the right to drive a moped.

Electric scooter needs a business license and liability insurance as a moped. In addition, a suitable license drive is required. The insurance must be affixed to the rear cylinder. If these are not available, the vehicle is moved in a control immediately. If the owner of the vehicle causes accident, he must also pay for the damage completely.

A helmet is mandatory, but only if the electric scooters can be faster than 20 km / h. However, the lighting requirements (same or not) to be switched on each trip. Check in advance with the new rules motorized scooters before purchasing.

If you comply with all laws, you will surely have lots of fun with the little scooter. Therefore, a purchase should never be made without research.

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