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Which Quest Longboard Suits Me.

Which quest longboard suits me

What longboard is suitable is what you can find out from this article. Quest longboards in many types (shapes), sizes, designs with corresponding setups (parts) are available.

How to choose a quest longboard that best suits your need for most boarders depending on the expected use. For a new boarder or a (starting) child, it is may be important to pay attendtion when purchasing a longboard according to specific characteristics such as the shape, size, the corresponding stability and deck surface of a longboard. Of course, design plays a major role in a quest longboard, in this article, you will find many different versions so you can easily find a nice quest longboard for girls or boys. An introductory explanation can be found in “Longboard shapes and sizes.”

Quest longboard shapes

Longboards are available in different shapes. Common types include Pintail, Kick Tail, Drop-down, drop-through, Double Kick, Downhill, Mini Penny cruiser and cruiser boards.

Pintail boards are often used for carving and cruising. Kicktail boards are mainly used for freestyle (skateboard style) and cruising. Long kicktail boards are mainly used for freestyle and dancing. Drop down (dropped) and drop-through boards give great stability and are widely used for long distances and longboard cruising speed. Also used some of these boards for downhill longboarding. Top-mount downhill boards are used mainly for downhill boarding. Mini-cruiser and pool decks are widely used for pool / freestyle and short-distance cruising.

The type of board that is often seen in movies is the double-kick longboard, this board type is often symmetrical and has rear with a kick. These boards are widely used for free ride, freestyle and slide longboarding.

Longboard sizes

With full-size boards (all board of cruiser and pool decks), the average quest longboard length between 36 and 44 inches (91 and 112cm) and longboard width between 9 and 11 inches (23 and 28cm). Quest longboards that are used for dancing are often longer than the previously mentioned average (full size) long board sizes. Mini cruisers are much shorter and often smaller than full-size longboards.

Longboard design

Longboards are available in our shop with many different brands in various designs. Obviously, the graphics of a board does not play a functional role in longboarding, but we of course also want something … In quest longboard shop you will find a large variety of designs of quest longboards. So you always find a nice quest longboard for girls or boys there.

Choose the quest longboard

What longboard you should choose depends primarily on you. So if you ask yourself the question “what quest longboard should I buy?”, look especially to the longboard discipline that you want to use.

Looking for a freeride board with much sliding, then you can choose the best for a symmetric (twin-tip) longboard slide with setup. Looking for the perfect combination of freestyle (skating style) and free ride longboarding, then you might want to go for a double kick longboard. If you want to cruise and mainly freestyle (skating style), then a kicktail board is strongly recommended. Do you want to relaxed cruising and carving then it is best for a pintail board to go. For people especially are looking for a stable board and fast and comfortable long distances to make, the best is a Drop-Through Drop-Down quest longboard. Looking for dancer quest longboard, then it’s best for an extra long (kick tail / double-kick) board (over 42 inches)

Choosing quest longboard for beginners

Novice boarders can try all quest longboards on the feet, it is still easy to learn extra on some models. You wonder what longboard is best for beginners?

Pay attention especially on the board stability and the size of the board deck. Both a stable board and a board with a large deck are suitable to start with.

Drop-down, drop-through or Double dropped (drop down + drop through) boards provide stability. These boards are often provided with a low-level deck with its low center of gravity. This gives a boarder a very stable platform.

Also boards with a long wheelbase provide plenty of stability. Therefore kicktail / pintail / drop-down / drop-through quest longboards (long wheelbase) also suitable for beginners.

Quest longboard deck with great pick for beginners

Longboards with a large deck offer a beginner “a lot of leeway.” Due to the large deck, you can easily try out moves, so you cruising and carving quickly get better. Quest longboards with a lot of deck surface are generally kick tail and pintail boards with a length of 37 inches.

Longboard for children

Children can often choose excellent quest longboards with different types of feet.

For example, quest longboards that can be chosen for its stability are drop-down and drop-through boards. Due to the large deck area, you can also choose a kicktail or pintail longboard.

Nevertheless, smaller children are often advisable to opt for a long board with a shorter length (between 33 inches and 40 inches). For the same reason, a (Penny) mini-cruiser or pool board is also suitable for children.


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