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Tips to clean the inside of your car.

Remove stains and pet hair on seat covers, make shine to plastic discolored surfaces and fight against bad smells … Here are some simple, practical and economical solutions to restore the luster to the interior of your vehicle.

Maintain carpet and floor mats

Carpets tend to deteriorate rapidly, especially in the driver’s seat. It is very important to ensure their maintenance: in fact, a carpet that let through moisture will accelerate the corrosion of the floor.
Practice Tip: Quick and efficient, baking soda is recommended to deodorize the seats and carpet. Leave it for 15 minutes or longer in case of persistent odors. Next, vacuuming your carpets with best car vacuum!

Wash laminated surfaces

Use a sponge, combined with a detergent or dishwashing liquid to clean the plastic laminated surfaces in your vehicle.
Better to start at the bottom of the doors, usually the dirtiest because of climbs and descents.
For sensitive surfaces such as electronic equipment and meters, use a simple cloth is enough.
For doors and dashboard, a damp microfiber is ideal since it removes much dust between the windshield and the board. For the air vents, a toothbrush is sometimes necessary for these difficult to access.
To complete the cleaning, it is advisable to rinse with a well wrung sponge, and wipe with a lint-free soft cloth or chamois.
Practical Tip: A clean cloth slightly dampened with fabric softener helps give a glow to the dashboard and laminated surfaces!

Fight against stains

– For smooth surfaces, wipes by microfiber cloth is very effective.
– Chewing gum stains, lipstick and ballpoint pen can be treated with alcohol or stain fabric.
– For embedded stains, use a suitable product is essential. Products containing a stain are preferred and apply, generally, after a light brushing with a hard brush (for fabric).
Practical Tip: A cloth soaked in hydrogen peroxide or ammonia to 28% is very effective to remove stains.


Suitable microfiber wipes are a quick and easy method to clean the interior windows. They are available in auto center or in supermarkets, and there are various models: antiglare, scented …
It is possible to finish cleaning the windscreen washer to buff the skin or using sheets of newspaper, much more environmentally friendly than wipes.
Practical tip: If chassis are aluminum, glass can be cleaned effectively with a cloth soaked in white vinegar.

Preserving leathers

Leather does not sustain the water! Therefore, it is better to use products specifically dedicated to leather on all sides (of course seats but also steering wheel, knob, or dashboard depending on the car …).

If the leather really turns dirty, or has substantial spots, soap and microfiber are solution, which must be supplemented by passage of the product for leather.
Other tips: think of the beef oil, it is recommended to restore the leather seats dry and cracked by the sun. Last soft and economical alternative, the baby milk for toilet lanolin.

Clean the interior thoroughly

First step: use best car vacuum. Feel free to go everywhere, starting with the seats and carpets, and under the seats and between them, in the trunk, on the quarterdeck, etc. If some sand persist between the seats or on the carpet, an air compressor stroke completes the work.
Vacuum cleaners available in the washing centers only allow to suck dust. For deep cleansing (odors, stains …), the injection / extraction vacuum cleaners are highly recommended: they wash, and rinse! The use is long (about 4 hours and a drying day are needed) but very effective.

Protect interior fabrics

After the aspiration is complete, spray the product on the specific fabrics and carpets. All can be cleaned, do not hesitate. Then brush with ordinary clothes brush, with particular emphasis on possible spots. If you do not have a water vacuum cleaner, you can wipe the set with a microfibre: This cloth absorbs water better than ordinary tissue and capture dust easily.

Fighting pet hair

To overcome the hairs of animals present on the vehicle seats, the vacuum cleaner is not always enough. To get rid of hair, nothing better than a pair of rubber gloves! Simply make small circles on the surface to be cleaned.
Adhesive paper is also an effective way to take off the hair of seats.
Besides, there are many items suitable for transporting animals are available and also protect the interior of the cabin.
Practical Tip: Use a wet washcloth and gently rub in a circle on the seats. Wet hair clump together into balls that are very easy to remove.

Hope all above tips can help you recover the luster of your car!

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