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How To Get Great Waffles.

Your waffles are not as good as you would like

Waffles are among your favorite food but sometimes they turn out to be disappointing. Does that sound familiar?

When you brought your iron you were convinced it was the best waffle maker, but tasteless waffles demonstrate that something has gone wrong. Yet do not put the waffle in the trash, or stop making waffles for breakfast. Instead try some of these waffle recipes and waffle making tips to restore your confidence in your waffle iron and your own ability.


If the previously trusted combination of waffle recipes, trusted recipes, and your ability are not working try something different.

There is very little difference between a tasteless waffle and a great one, save for changing the recipes and using better techniques.

Make better batter

Getting the batter mixture right for your waffles is a key part of achieving great tasting waffles.

Tip 1

Always add some oil to the batter mixture. Some ilrecipes state that o should be added whilst others do not. Whatever the recipe indicates always put in 1/2 tablespoon of cooking oil. It does not matter if you want crispy waffles or softer ones all cook better with that little bit of oil.

Tip 2

Resist the strong temptation to over beat the batter. If you beat the batter too vigorously then the waffles do not turn out right, they go chewy and tough. Just make sure the mixture is mixed enough but do not be concerned with small lumps as the cooking process will get rid of them.

The waffle iron / maker

Tip 1

The people that always seem to make great waffles do something really simple with their waffle iron, they switch it on several minutes before they pour the batter on it. No waffle iron will cook great waffles if you have not put it on long enough to get hot. Ideally switch the iron on 10 minutes before cooking, to avoid flat and hard waffles.

Tip 2

Although it is fast and easy do not use spray on your iron. All the makers of waffle irons warn against the use of spray due to it removing the non stick coating. Instead use vegetable oil to grease the iron. The waffles cook crispier and your iron lasts longer.

A bit of vanilla and sugar

Tip 1

Unless you are making a savory waffle, add a touch of vanilla and a bit of sugar to your batter mix. Though recipes do not always mention either vanilla or sugar it is always worth adding both. For adding vanilla and sugar can put something extra into the waffles and put a twist in the final flavor.

Tip 2

Add beaten egg whites to any type of waffle, which you are making as it makes the waffles lighter. The egg yolks can be mixed in to the batter as well.

Here is a simple recipe that includes eggs and makes great waffles:


2 cups of flour

2 teaspoons of baking powder

1/2 teaspoon of salt

3 beaten egg yolks

3 egg whites beaten until stiff

2 tablespoons of sugar

1/2 tablespoon vanilla essence or extract


  1. heat your waffle maker and grease it with Crisco cooking oil
  2. combine and mix all ingredients excluding eggs
  3. beat the egg yolks and mix in with the flour mixture
  4. beat egg whites until stiff, beat in a different bowl
  5. Mix in the egg whites with the rest of the batter, be careful not to over mix
  6. Add extra milk as and when required to get the batter thickness just right. Ideally a similar thickness to syrup, may be a little bit thicker.
  7. Pour between a 1/3 and a 1/2 of the batter into the of middle of your waffle maker. Bake the batter until the steam stops coming out of the waffle iron. The exact amount of batter required will depend on the size and make of your iron.

Now if you follow those steps you will get an average of 6 great tasting 9 oz waffles. Further more your family will be able to eat fantastic waffles once again.

Whatever type of iron you use will seem like the best waffle maker in the world as soon you taste the waffles made from this recipe. So go ahead and regain your waffle making confidence.

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