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Hiking tents and other equipment: large retail brands or specialty brands?

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We need to find a good compromise between reliability, product durability, and price. Sometimes it is better to renew a product which always performs well. But sometimes it is worth buying a quality product that will keep its performance in short time.

The following two questions provide an overview:

Why not buy a cheap tent, low quality?

For the same reason, you do not buy mobile phones 8 to 10 Euros and prefer to buy one at 80 Euros which is “supposed” to be more reliable. You want to avoid problems and loss of time. You do not want to transfer all your mobile numbers to the other each time one of them stops working or end up with a phone that does not work a day you really need.

Hiking, you do not want a shoe sole to peel, a tent that tears, a water bladder leaking, etc.

Imagine for against you buy a plastic utensil which is a fork and a spoon at the same time. You take the first prize and it breaks during the hike. It’s not very annoying! At worst you eat with your fingers …

We must not think only in terms of financial investment. We must also think about the consequences if the product you coward. Do not buy a product “vital” poor quality that could compromise your hikes or your safety if you lose (shoes, tent, backpack, etc.). For other products, do as you wish.

Why not buy the top model tent to keep it very long?

First, the hardware is becoming less reliable and is made to last less long. One reason for this is the reduction of the material. Then the technology will evolve and improve the products, you will be tempted to buy new, more efficient products.

There is some retail of high-quality products. And the price / quality ratio is unbeatable.

Attention in retail stores, you will often find unsuitable for hiking tents – even if you can see the handwriting on the label or a nice picture of a hiker using this product. In retail stores, you can find for example what is called “hiking boots” about 15 Euros.

Also, think about the consequences of the non-reliability of each product you buy. It’s the same as if you were buying a car: it’s not very serious if the paint is peeling, but you do not want a faulty seat belt.

Is that if I buy an expensive big brand, it is necessarily a good product?

Not necessarily. Do not fall into the trap: “This is a great brand, it’s expensive, and so it must be a good product.” This is far from true. Even big brands have poor quality products or low-functioning at a high price.

That is why we must always try the product, read and ask the user reviews and well informed before buying. Do not be too eager when seeing something like cheap camping tents for sale.

Do not be fooled by brands – do not buy a product for the brand. It is better to buy an ugly backpack, cheap, and average quality which is very comfortable for your body rather than a nice big brand backpack that hurts you. This seems obvious, but many people do the opposite. Many people choose a product first in terms of color, design, and brand.

Is the expensive hardware brand durable?

Conversely, some specialized brand trekking shoes have incredible durability – that beats by far the sustainability of any retail trekking shoes.

So the answer to the question is, generally, yes, but not necessarily. It depends on the product. Good brand sleeping bags (tents) specialized for example often have a better durability than sleeping bags (tents) from supermarkets. But it can be the opposite for waterproof jackets.

When I was a student, after having stolen my hiking shoes (among others), I bought the first prize for “hiking boots” in a retail brand. When walking, a piece of wood made it through the sole to my foot. That’s why I recommend avoiding the first awards for material that could compromise your hikes or your safety if it is faulty.

On the other hand, I had great distribution hiking boots which I was extremely satisfied. For the same quality, I probably would have paid much more expensive in another brand.

My experience of brand products is that there are some that are not worth their price and others I could not replace with retail products because they have a quality and performance that cannot is not in supermarkets.

One last tip that I have discussed in this article before you leave: buy only what you really need. You will not spend money unnecessarily, and will not have to wear these items. In addition, you can use this money to obtain vital equipment better. So the price is not all, do not select a tent just by selecting its price, if you need cheap tents, and do not hesitate to do some research online.


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The different shapes of guitars.

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The shapes of electric guitars

The electric guitar is the workhorse of rock music and is also widely used in blues, jazz and pop music. They are generally “solid body” but electric guitars with hollow bodies are available (ES-45) which gives them some acoustic resonance. You will find below the main forms of solid body electric guitars.


Designed by Leo Fender and his team in 1954, the Stratocaster, over the years, has become one of the most popular models in the world. The Stratocaster is mainly characterized by its practical aspects: its low weight in comparison to other models and his cut panels allow easily access to the most acute cases. It is undoubtedly the electric guitar in the most versatile and the most imitated. With three single-coil pickups, the Stratocaster originally allowed to get three sounds. It is also the first guitar to be equipped with an effective vibrato arm. Nowadays many brands offer electric guitars Stratocaster form.


Les Paul electric guitar has become a real icon for guitarists. This electric guitar model was manufactured in 1952 when Gibson decided he needed a solid body guitar to counter Fender Telecaster. Gibson created the first model Les Paul with the distinctive look of a mahogany body and carved maple top that mimicked the look of Gibson arch top guitars.


The RG series (Guitar Roadster), designed in 1979 by Ibanez, is a series of electric guitars among the most popular and rock / metal ever made.

The electric guitar shape RG is appreciated for its fine food handle that ease the play. This model offers a hard, sharp sound needed for rock, metal and hard rock. Many guitarists have chosen a RG guitar as a weapon of choice.

Forms of folk guitar

The shape of the dreadnought acoustic guitar, invented by Henri MARTIN, gives a lot of bass and is ideal to accompany a singer. This is the most versatile folk guitar. It produces a sound bad enough, but not too powerful.

The shape of the jumbo acoustic guitar, with its imposing size is not made for small jigs musicians (insured cramps) and some nickname it “lumberjack guitar.” Due to the size of its cash it produces a powerful sound and is perfect for rhythm. This is the perfect acoustic guitar for rock.

The auditorium form is fine, the volume is smaller but the sound carries farther. This is a guitar that is perfect for a soft game and finesse. This is the perfect guitar for the blues, soul and bossa.

The concert form is a compromise between the jumbo guitar and the auditorium. It is a comfortable and easy to play guitar. A guitar concert produces a powerful, balanced sound between bass notes and melody. This is the perfect acoustic guitar for recording and concerts, fulfilling the sound space and offers a unique playing experience.

How to choose the best guitar for beginners?

First, it is ESSENTIAL to have fun but not to find “stuck” with a guitar that does not suit you.

If you’re a fan of rock music, and want to play rock, electric guitar is a logical choice. Electric guitars are available in adult size but also child (because of the weight – between 4 and 7 kg – a strap is essential).

The electric guitar has a smaller body, and it’s a pretty easy to play guitar. You can start playing small pieces of music quickly and easily.

However, if you are a fan of acoustic music, variety or pop, and you want to learn how to play your favorite songs, classical or acoustic guitar folk will be the perfect guitar.

Folk guitar is the “flagship” adults guitar. It can play any music in acoustic version.

Classical guitars, allowing a vast musical repertoire, with nylon strings (do not damage the fingers) and warm tones make it the preferred guitar for beginners and teachers.

The bass guitar can be a rewarding instrument to start learning to play instrument. The bass guitar is generally quite easy to learn and beginners can successfully play songs in a few weeks. The downside is that the bass guitar sound ‘deaf’ when not accompanied by a guitar or other instrument.

Budgetary considerations:

Avoid buying ultra-cheap instrument (often hypermarket) of poor quality with poor sound and that will have little value if resold. A low-quality guitar can make it virtually impossible to practice the instrument by a beginner.

For budgetary reasons, the acoustic guitars are usually the first choice of an instrument because they are cheaper than especially electric guitars require the purchase of an amplifier and a guitar cable on which the bill gets heavier. However we prefer packs electric guitar + amplifier + cover + cable … at very reasonable prices.

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Before Buying an Electric Scooter.

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What is an electric scooter, anyway?

If one collects information on the Internet about best electric scooter, there are two models: firstly, the scooter, which is now available already with electronic engine; secondly the small scooter, most of us still know from childhood and they are motorized, too.

The electric scooter is a motorized vehicle with two wheels which combines a moped type chassis to a motor powered by electrical energy (stored in batteries).

On average, electric scooters can run 50 km on their battery, at an average speed of 45 km / h.

This vehicle, therefore, tends to attract more urban. Especially since the search time is relatively long, four hours, knowing that the higher the price of an electric scooter remains more expensive than a traditional scooter.

If the government offers incentives in the form of subsidies for electric cars, this is not yet the case for scooters.

How to convince the consumers to buy an electric scooter? Beyond the satisfaction of not badly affect the environment, the electric scooter has another argument: the cost of maintenance. Quite low, it would be based on average around 50 cents per 100 km.

Scooter insurance side, the rates are lower than a cover for thermal scooters.

Scooters are available with the engine. Motor drive is of course much more convenient, than come into the pedals or having to push with your foot. If everything still works without fuel, fine. For this reason, more and more transport means are constructed with electric motors. This also includes electric scooters, you can sometimes buy street legal. But you should check in advance exactly how one later this purchase did.

This article focuses on the motorized scooter. It seems quite similar to normal scooter, but it has especially a saddle (bicycle seat) and you must have road legal, even lighting and mirrors on the handlebars so that you will be seen and may even keep track.

More information on the legal electric scooter street

Anyone who wants to buy a the electric scooter, he really should just get a model with approval for road traffic, because not all motorized scooters are permitted to ride on the road. As mentioned above, it should be a small street legal scooter with a front and a rear light. It also has a rear view mirror and handbrake on each side of the steering wheel and side reflectors, and a bell, also. Without these accessories, it is not a legal electric scooter for riding on the street.

When buying an electric scooter, certainly the seller can prove that the electric scooter is approved for road traffic. On the internet, in supermarkets or flea markets, you can find from 100 euros, but you can buy it often blindly, so I do not know if you can go on the street. Go rather to a genuine local distributor and can prove everything and explain, even if you pay a lot more there.

If you are caught with an electric scooter with no admission for road traffic, you have to pay a big sum of money and make points even on your license. The same applies if you do not have the necessary license. For the motorized scooter, you need at least a moped certificate (can be deposited from the age of 15 years). Of course, going every other licenses that give you the right to drive a moped.

Electric scooter needs a business license and liability insurance as a moped. In addition, a suitable license drive is required. The insurance must be affixed to the rear cylinder. If these are not available, the vehicle is moved in a control immediately. If the owner of the vehicle causes accident, he must also pay for the damage completely.

A helmet is mandatory, but only if the electric scooters can be faster than 20 km / h. However, the lighting requirements (same or not) to be switched on each trip. Check in advance with the new rules motorized scooters before purchasing.

If you comply with all laws, you will surely have lots of fun with the little scooter. Therefore, a purchase should never be made without research.

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Which Quest Longboard Suits Me.

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Which quest longboard suits me

What longboard is suitable is what you can find out from this article. Quest longboards in many types (shapes), sizes, designs with corresponding setups (parts) are available.

How to choose a quest longboard that best suits your need for most boarders depending on the expected use. For a new boarder or a (starting) child, it is may be important to pay attendtion when purchasing a longboard according to specific characteristics such as the shape, size, the corresponding stability and deck surface of a longboard. Of course, design plays a major role in a quest longboard, in this article, you will find many different versions so you can easily find a nice quest longboard for girls or boys. An introductory explanation can be found in “Longboard shapes and sizes.”

Quest longboard shapes

Longboards are available in different shapes. Common types include Pintail, Kick Tail, Drop-down, drop-through, Double Kick, Downhill, Mini Penny cruiser and cruiser boards.

Pintail boards are often used for carving and cruising. Kicktail boards are mainly used for freestyle (skateboard style) and cruising. Long kicktail boards are mainly used for freestyle and dancing. Drop down (dropped) and drop-through boards give great stability and are widely used for long distances and longboard cruising speed. Also used some of these boards for downhill longboarding. Top-mount downhill boards are used mainly for downhill boarding. Mini-cruiser and pool decks are widely used for pool / freestyle and short-distance cruising.

The type of board that is often seen in movies is the double-kick longboard, this board type is often symmetrical and has rear with a kick. These boards are widely used for free ride, freestyle and slide longboarding.

Longboard sizes

With full-size boards (all board of cruiser and pool decks), the average quest longboard length between 36 and 44 inches (91 and 112cm) and longboard width between 9 and 11 inches (23 and 28cm). Quest longboards that are used for dancing are often longer than the previously mentioned average (full size) long board sizes. Mini cruisers are much shorter and often smaller than full-size longboards.

Longboard design

Longboards are available in our shop with many different brands in various designs. Obviously, the graphics of a board does not play a functional role in longboarding, but we of course also want something … In quest longboard shop you will find a large variety of designs of quest longboards. So you always find a nice quest longboard for girls or boys there.

Choose the quest longboard

What longboard you should choose depends primarily on you. So if you ask yourself the question “what quest longboard should I buy?”, look especially to the longboard discipline that you want to use.

Looking for a freeride board with much sliding, then you can choose the best for a symmetric (twin-tip) longboard slide with setup. Looking for the perfect combination of freestyle (skating style) and free ride longboarding, then you might want to go for a double kick longboard. If you want to cruise and mainly freestyle (skating style), then a kicktail board is strongly recommended. Do you want to relaxed cruising and carving then it is best for a pintail board to go. For people especially are looking for a stable board and fast and comfortable long distances to make, the best is a Drop-Through Drop-Down quest longboard. Looking for dancer quest longboard, then it’s best for an extra long (kick tail / double-kick) board (over 42 inches)
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How to climb better on a mountain bike.

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So you’ve recently taken on mountain biking, after recommendations from friends and family, and after serious consideration brought about by what you’ve probably been watching on TV. Something about riding a bike across terrains unknown and otherwise breathtakingly beautiful gives you a sense of longing, a sense of wanting to be free from the everyday grind.

You’ve consulted with your expert buddies who have had the hobby for years ahead of you, and now you’ve gone to the point where you’ve bought a best mountain bikes under 500 USD for yourself. You’ve taken it out for a spin, and so far, in the first trails and paths you’ve taken, you’ve been very satisfied.

If you have a small budget, see this guide to choose a best mountain bike under 300.

Unfortunately, when it comes to climbing steeper trails, you’re finding yourself wanting, particularly when you see others going ahead of you. Far ahead of you.

Does this sound familiar? Do not fret. While climbing with your mountain bike is not a skill instantly mastered, it will definitely factor in most, if not all of the trails you will be riding through, no matter what skill level you place yourself in. In other words, it helps to improve your climbing game, and it helps to improve it yesterday.

Somewhere in this and other similar articles, you’re bound to hear the words that practice makes perfect. While there are a lot of factors to climbing with a mountain bike that involve practice, practice, and more practice, here are some tips you ought to try to immediately improve your climbing:

Prioritize Proper Preparations

The chances of the most efficient and effective biking trip increase with taking the right precautions. Check yourself and your bike with the same mindset you would have when you check your car before taking a long trip. Read some helpful tips at RecreationSpace.com to know what’s in a mountain biker’s survival kit.

While you check gas and oil among other things in a car, you would do well to check air and water before you go on a biking excursion. This means you would check the air on your tires, so you have the right pressure to handle the terrain, whether you are on an incline or a flat path.

Checking water? Your bike stays dry; it’s you who needs to hydrate. Don’t make the mistake of drinking only when you feel like it, especially during more physical activities where you know you’ll be sweating buckets in a short period of time. Have a good drink of water around 10-20 minutes before you even set off, and you should be all set. Continue reading

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Tips to clean the inside of your car.

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Remove stains and pet hair on seat covers, make shine to plastic discolored surfaces and fight against bad smells … Here are some simple, practical and economical solutions to restore the luster to the interior of your vehicle.

Maintain carpet and floor mats

Carpets tend to deteriorate rapidly, especially in the driver’s seat. It is very important to ensure their maintenance: in fact, a carpet that let through moisture will accelerate the corrosion of the floor.
Practice Tip: Quick and efficient, baking soda is recommended to deodorize the seats and carpet. Leave it for 15 minutes or longer in case of persistent odors. Next, vacuuming your carpets with best car vacuum!

Wash laminated surfaces

Use a sponge, combined with a detergent or dishwashing liquid to clean the plastic laminated surfaces in your vehicle.
Better to start at the bottom of the doors, usually the dirtiest because of climbs and descents.
For sensitive surfaces such as electronic equipment and meters, use a simple cloth is enough.
For doors and dashboard, a damp microfiber is ideal since it removes much dust between the windshield and the board. For the air vents, a toothbrush is sometimes necessary for these difficult to access.
To complete the cleaning, it is advisable to rinse with a well wrung sponge, and wipe with a lint-free soft cloth or chamois.
Practical Tip: A clean cloth slightly dampened with fabric softener helps give a glow to the dashboard and laminated surfaces!

Fight against stains

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How To Get Great Waffles.

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Your waffles are not as good as you would like

Waffles are among your favorite food but sometimes they turn out to be disappointing. Does that sound familiar?

When you brought your iron you were convinced it was the best waffle maker, but tasteless waffles demonstrate that something has gone wrong. Yet do not put the waffle in the trash, or stop making waffles for breakfast. Instead try some of these waffle recipes and waffle making tips to restore your confidence in your waffle iron and your own ability.


If the previously trusted combination of waffle recipes, trusted recipes, and your ability are not working try something different.

There is very little difference between a tasteless waffle and a great one, save for changing the recipes and using better techniques.

Make better batter

Getting the batter mixture right for your waffles is a key part of achieving great tasting waffles. Continue reading

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What Are Some of The Best Mountain Bikes Under 1000 To Chose From.

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It was a very hot and humid Saturday morning, as I had one foot clipped into my mountain bike, while waiting patiently with about thirty other riders at the startup line for a 15-mile mountain bike race. As I sat there, I looked over at the other competitors, and did notice that some of them did have a ball of fire within their eyes and others had very ripped leg muscles. They were all sitting on their bikes, some of them had carbon fiber bikes, while others had hard tail and full suspension choice bikes. There was even a few 29ers as well. Here, was me, I only had one year of experience.

This one year of experience was riding on single track trails with my Trek full suspension mountain bike. I was doing my very best to stay pumped up. This was probably going to be a very grueling bike race. Right before the gunshot was heard, I was keeping my hands totally relaxed on the handle bar grips, and did only let go long enough to make sure that my gloves were on tight enough. I also needed to make sure my helmet was adjusted properly. I take a few sips out from the Camelbak hydration system that was strapped to my person. When the gunshot finally went off and was heard all across the mountain bike park.

We all were suddenly caught up in a very mad dash to get away from the starting line and make our way from the open field towards the single track trails. While in the process of changing gears, I gazed across at the other riders in front of me, and did wonder what I would personally encounter in this bike race. A thought suddenly did go flashing through the back of my mind.

What are the best mountain bikes under 1000 overall?

The answer to this question is one that should be researched personally. There are lots of awesome best mountain bikes under 1000 on the market. A person just needs to know how to look for them personally. The thought that did come to the back of my mind was all about this. I thought about what would lead me up to buying a mountain bike.

How long would it take me before I finally did feel confident about daring to ride a bike through rugged terrain? The very same could be said about switchback trails and very steep hills. Would this new sport be able to help me out in other key endurance sports that I did compete in? I had to wait to find out what the answers would be for me. Continue reading

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Tent time! Take the latest, greatest and most affordable tents.

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Whether you’re backpacking or family campers, in the backcountry or car-camping with your troop, your tent is your home away from home (so called best family tent). But a flimsy, leaky, sauna-hot tent isn’t much of a home. is it? That’s why Gear Guy is here to help you pick just the right tent for the kind of camping you want to do.


REI PASSAGE 2 ($159) At just under 5 pounds with two side doors and vestibules, along with lightweight aluminum poles, the Passage is a great two-man backpacking option. It’s freestanding with lots of ceiling mesh for ventilation, and color-coded poles and clips make it super easy to pitch. 4 lbs. 14 oz./ 33.75 sq. ft.

KELTY SALIBA 2 ($159) This is the most well-rounded backpacking tent here. It’s a simple freestanding, classic dome design with tons of mesh, and a single door and vestibule. Although it has slightly less interior space than the other two-man tents, the Salida weighs in at less than 4 pounds! 3 lbs. 12 oz. / 30.5 sq. ft.

BSA MOUNTAINEER ($139) New from our pals at Scoutstuff.org, the Mountaineer has the most living space of the two-man tents here. It comes with lightweight aluminum poles, organizer pockets and a gear loft inside. It has a single door and a vestibule that’s roomy enough for two packs and two pairs of boots. 5 lbs. 7oz. / 36.25 sq. ft.


SLUMBERJACK TRAIL TENT 2 ($79) This simple two-man free-standing dome is the most affordable option here–we even saw it online for $66! It’s heavier than others, and has just a single door and vestibule, but the price makes it worth a took. 5 lbs. 9 oz. / 33.3 sq. ft.

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Sport with children: Tips for getting started

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Obesity and stress are two problems that are increasing among children. To prevent them, sport is one of our best allies. We tell you what kind of exercise is right for every age and what precautions should be taken.

Your child should be to decide what sport you want to practice that should be fun. You can help you discover the advantages and disadvantages of various options, advise you based on your skills and your tastes … but finally he has to be the one to feel satisfied with your choice. Nor it is important to try several or do a little of everything. It is not about creating a professional sport, but do exercise.

But if it is particularly skilled or is willing to go further, contact a professional who will advise the best way forward for his age, considering that the career demands a great physical and psychological effort and is not always advisable for a child. And if it happens to the competition, never forget that when sport becomes something whose only goal is victory, it ceases to be fun and lose many of its advantages. Here we point out the main according to the sport practiced.
Judo and karate. Promote the coordination of movements. They are progressive activities that are easily adapted to each child, so you can start very early, around four years.
• Swimming. It is the sport of excellence, improves coordination and endurance and also is very desirable to correct postural problems such as scoliosis. Another advantage is that it can be started from a very young age.
• Cycling. It’s a great sport for the entire family.
• Tennis. It provides strength and power while favoring eye coordination.
• Team sports. Football, basketball or handball, among others, besides working fitness, serve the child to interact and learn to cooperate with the group.
• Skiing. In the physical realm, improves balance and strengthens the muscles. On a personal level puts the child in touch with nature and can be practiced with your family.
Canoeing. It requires great physical strength, so it is suitable for children accustomed to physical activity, from 10 or 12 years.
• Rhythmic gymnastics. It is a sport that favors progressive, especially flexibility, but should be practiced in moderation, as its excess can have unintended consequences on a body that is still developing.
• Skate. Develops balance and coordination of movement. Also, scooters are recommended. Find the electric scooter for kids.

A lot of advantages

What does the sport the child? These are the main benefits:

• It’s good for fitness: coordination of movements, higher resistance, and strength, obesity prevention, health enhancement …
• Improves self-esteem more confident and more fighter enhancing their resilience to increasing frustration and tenacity to achieve the desired goal. It also helps you accept your limitations.
• Help your socialization and teach you how to cooperate with the group in search of a common goal.
• It becomes a hobby that helps you fill much of their leisure time in a healthy way, which is important in the face of adolescence to prevent approach to drugs and drink or simply abuse sedentary practices such as watching TV or playing video games.

The most appropriate exercise by age

The Heart Foundation recommends different activities depending on the age of the child or the child:

Up to 8 years

It is good to exercise coordination and balance, and help them develop a sense of rhythm and space, for example, activities in which dance, climb, jump …

From 8 to 12 years

It is the ideal starting point for sports period. It is also good activities that contribute to exercise endurance and strength.

From 12 to 14 years

If a sport is practiced, you can increase the training and, if the child wants, enter a team to participate in competitions to encourage motivation.

Tips and precautions

  • Experts recommend practicing at least 60 minutes a day of sport.
  • Exercise should be started moderately and go slowly intensifying.
  • Do not forget hydration: children should drink water before, during and after exercise.
  • If the child is obese, it is necessary to plan specific training before racing activities.
  • The long distance races are not advised before maturity.

To encourage and motivate the child to exercise, it can not be presented as an obligation, but as something fun. Ask him what sport he likes and search activities linked to terrorism. In addition, give an example: you can organize family activities like bike routes or walk, go skating or dance all together at home.


Some tips for selecting your longboard

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When choosing your longboard, you have to take into account their styles, all varieties of board, axles and wheels hardness… Since the beginning is a little iffy for their sizes and shapes. Let’s review the styles and techniques to make you much easier when your choice for the best longboard.


Within the types and forms of boards we can differentiate by these four types of longboard:

  • Pintail: Allow to mount larger wheels, more robust and broad axes. This allows handlingsimilar to surfing.
  • Top mount: The axles are fixed directly below the board. It is one of the most traditionalproductions.
  • Drop through and Drop mount: These designs allow lower the center of gravity of the table,reducing the distance between the table and the floor, so we gain stability, which helps us well for the declines.
  • Dropped and Double drop: Axes can be fixed in two ways, in the double drop allows us tomove the axes to vary the angle of rotation and the axes are fixed dropped below the table. The center of gravity is much lower than in previous designs, this allows us greater stability, we also facilitate the thrust.

How to choose the right longboard

What is my “longboarding style”? Can not determine main styles of playing longboard? Let’s talk a little of its main features:

Carving, Freeriding

It is one of the disciplines that requires little inclination on the slopes and with little traffic is going by turns from side to side, which would be the famous carving, the dimensions of the tables are 36 “inches. The tables are quite flexible, we can add planes lifts or inclined to vary the angle of shaft rotation if we place two inclined outwards elevators win angles tighter twist, but speed will be slightly unstable table, hardness bushing is 80, soft.

  • Cruising longboard: They are small tables, usually, convenient in transportation when youare not using. Its main use is nothing other than a mere vehicle to move around the city.
  • Free ride board: If what you like is to take the snowboard style to the city. If you like to makedescents doing skids, 180, etc. you have to look for this type of tables.


It is the mode that introduced by the Z-Boys in the 70s, pioneered skate in swimming pools or bowls. He was slipping down the walls without having to pivot on the rear axle. Board measure is between 29 and 39 inches, small but turn table.


It is an alternative to commuting. The longboard is used to scroll. You can avoid jams, do not pollute and enjoy the ride. The cruising is not to perform tricks but rather used it as a means of transport. You will be more comfortable to use a small board, but the board also better suits “carving, downhill, sliding”


Like the sky, is to avoid a row of cones, as quickly as possible, this board type is usually small between 30 and 36 inches, very fast and tight turns are required.

Dancing or board walking

One of the funniest styles: “dancing” above the board and simultaneously playing the tricks walk across and jumping while the board is slipping. Tables are between 40 and 60 inches.


If you like speed, this is the most spectacular discipline. It is considered the most extreme form of longboard because they can reach speeds of 125 km / h on the descent, eye for practical have to go very loose in sliding and braking. As a general rule, leather suit and full face helmet it is used because falls can be very harsh and dangerous.

Technical sliding

It is one of the most difficult techniques you should master before performing downhill, as the sliding give us much confidence when making descent at full speed, it is practice to start on wet surfaces, it will be much easier. The boards are between 34 and 38 inches.

How to choose the size of a Longboard

For starters, we recommend you to go with a longboard of between 36 “and 42”. If you already have experience in skateboarding, you can select smaller sizes if you prefer.

If it is your first longboard ever, you should choose a model with slightly concave shape. If the form is too aggressive it will make the board work more accurate and therefore, our board will be more nervous and difficult to control.


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The longboard is an extreme sport that comes from the United States, California, where surfers started using this type of board to go from side to side of the bowl. The longboard is practiced in the city (streets, sidewalks) on roads and paved descents.

The practice of longboard requires some body control, balance and perseverance to go safely. It is essential that each has to improve at his own pace without skipping any stage of learning. In this guide, you will find all tips about the information necessary to choose a longboard depending on the type of practice that you like.

We found different types of practice in the longboard:

  • Cruising (travel, ride, urban)
  • Carving (looking for the curve, similar to surf)
  • Downhill (decline)
  • Freeride / Slide
  • Side walking / Dancing (figures on the board)

The cruiser board is especially convenient and fast. In essence, the cruiser is the evolution of freestyle skat . In the 80s, Tony Hawk and “Bones Brigade” group invaded the skate parks with its long tables and large wheels, rails and practicing especially in bowl. This practice was somewhat abandoned with the emergence of street skate, although it is backed today.

Longboard are between 55 and 75 cm in length depending on the type of practice. It is advisable to opt for a softer and wider board than the classic skateboards, in order to facilitate urban skating on uneven surfaces, ensure user comfort and minimize vibration wheels.

If you start it with the longboard or cruiser, there may be some technical terms that are difficult to understand. We will provide you with some of the most familiar terms. Different assemblies with different characteristics:

1) Top mount: the trucks are screwed directly below the board. This is more traditional assembly.

2) Drop through: the board has holes in the sides; the truck is fixed from side to side of the board. The closer to the ground it is, the more stable and the board will rotate faster.

3) Pendular: the board is lowered, except for the ends, to put your feet. Stability is even better and the effort to push lower. Most of these boards are rigid.

The deck (platform):

  • Composition: different materials, such as plywood, bamboo, glass fiber, and carbon or epoxyresin are used.
  • Dimensions: may vary; influence the stability, handling, and weight. You must choose thedimension that depends on the use you are going to give.

How to choose the size for the longboard:

  • Less than 90 cm: slalom, urban skating, figures, old school
  • 90 cm to 110 cm: all disciplines depending on the physical
  • + 110 cm: side walking, cruising

Generalizations about the flex (flexibility) and the shape of the table:

  • Flex: a table with flex will be perfect for carving and cruising, a rigid board will be better forthe declines, landslides, and figures
  • Concave: the more recessed, better support at the expense of comfort
  • Tonnage: can be positive (up), flat or negative (down).

– Carving / slalom: Positive tonnage

– Cruising, decrease: negative tonnage

Skating on the street, street, figures, dancing: Flat tonnage

  • Tail (behind): high for the street and figures, up to the other disciplines
  • Wheel: Wheel size: the diameter can vary between 60 mm and 130 mm (with a width ofbetween 40 mm and 55 mm). Wheels of typically 65mm, 70mm and 75 mm are used. The smaller one wheel, better celeration, and handling. The larger, more stable it will be.
  • The wheelbase: the wheelbase is between the front and rear axle. This aspect will influencethe activities, the smaller the minor axes will be the turning radius, therefore, it will be more agile and maneuverable, useful for carving and slalom. By contrast axes far between itself will give us greater stability at high speed, making it ideal for Downhill boarding style.
  • Hardness: in general, the values range from 65A to 100A (softer to harder). A hard wheel isfast and resistant, glides better but transmits the vibrations. Favors a softer wheel grip and comfort against the rough terrain. In the longboard, most wheels are between 70A and 88A. Choosing the hardness:
  • <80A: soft rubber, the standard for cruising
  • >80A: harder rubber. It is used especially for descents and landslides.

That is all about longboard. Hope you find useful information.

Tips for choosing your first longboard

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Longboards are available in many styles and very different from each other. There are many brands, shapes, and sizes flexibilities. Through this article, we will try to help you to have a small guide on how to choose your longboard from the best longboard  brands.

When choosing your first longboard, regardless of aesthetics and drawings of it, you should decide what you are going to use it for or what style that you like to practice. The first question you should ask is what use I will give to my Longboard? There are four main styles of longboard:

  • The first would be the Cruising: Usually small, comfortable to transport tables when we arenot on them. Its main use would be to move from one place to another.
  • Our second option would be the Free-Ride: It is the most similar to snowboard style. Whileperforming downs we can do skids.
  • Another style is the Carving longboarding: This method involves making wide curves down,walking on the board, etc.
  • Finally, the style would not recommend you to start, the Downhill: Basically, it comes downto maximum speed.

Currently, there are no specific boards that are made for the exclusive use of a form. But there is the design of longboard boards overlap. That is, a board can you hold for Free Ride, Cruising, and Carving.

True, depending on performing tricks, it gives you better performance. Therefore, market models are polyvalent.

The use of your board depends on the flexibility and size of it. Therefore, the first characteristic that we must choose is the flex.


It is very important aspect because two equal longboards with different flex do not transmit the same sensations to the user. The more flexible, easier to be pumped one (move on the board) can make us less stability at high speed. The very flexible board could touch the ground when performing a trick.

Instead, a very flexible table will always be more stable and more suitable for high-speed descents, sharp turns, skidding, tricks … The drawback is that it is a less appropriate board to walk. Finally, we have to look at the hardness of the board or FLEX. For your first board, we suggest a soft flex to help you “pump” in the plane, you move on plain more comfortably without propelling the leg. The second feature that we must consider is the size.


Depending on the size we can practice one style or another. If we choose a board of 54″, we will hardly enter into a” bowl  “or pool as it will be almost impossible to maneuver with enough agility that this space requires.

And if we go down and glide comfortably while we pump, our choice should not be a board of 30”. The most appropriate will be an intermediate size that will allow us to manage in most situations. It is advisable, if you are going to start, that the size of the board has a length between 36 “and 42”. If you have already practiced skate before you can go with a smaller size if you wish.


Another factor to consider is the shape of the board. Perhaps this is the most personal characteristic but not least important. In your first play, you should choose a model whose shape is slightly concave. If the form is too concave it will make the board work more aggressive and therefore, our board will be more nervous and difficult to control. The first difference lies in the shape of the board, because if control is concave, grip will be higher, but will be less flexible. Another aspect to consider is the nose (top of the board) and tail (tail of the board). With a long tail, we can easily swing on the front of the board.


The next to consider should be AXES. Interestingly, opt for the reverse axes as they give greater stability than standard axes. This type of axes protects angle efficiently. We can choose axes between 150 ° or 180 °. The second will provide greater stability. It is identified by the axle nut facing forward in the direction of travel.

Your longboard wheels should be soft. You will get greater absorption in case of uneven ground, stones ….on our way. Most manufacturers sell this kind of wheels.

How to choose a good LED flashlight?.

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The LED flashlight is found in almost daily use. Whether for a sudden power failure or to brighten your evening outings, you will need a good LED flashlight. This buying guide for the best tactical flashlight will enlighten you on the choice.

Light power

The light output is measured in lumens light indicates the ability of the flashlight. LED flashlights on the market depart from 10 to 1000 Lumens. The Lumens is the equivalent of Watt incandescent bulbs. To choose this power, you will need to know the frequency and use that you’ll do with the flashlight. For everyday use, to illuminate dark areas in every direction, 10 to 200 lumens is enough.

For nature and outdoor activities, it will provide power from 400 Lumens. This power will be effective for all the nightlife. If you want to illuminate a particular area and make a more precise targeting and lighting, you will have no choice but to opt for an LED flashlight 1000 Lumens.

In general, if it is for home use, a power of less than 500 Lumens is enough. The light output is sometimes associated with the intensity of light which is measured in Candela (Cd). The intensity of the LED flashlights market range from 2000 to 50000cd. The more power, the higher the intensity should follow.

The scope

If you’re eager to know how to buy a LED flashlight for a better value, you must also consider the scope of the product. Again, everything is a matter of use. To light around a wide enough space, a flashlight at close range from 1 to 3 m is sufficient. To light precisely on specific enough or distant areas, prefer a light long-range scope torch. Note that this scope is complementary with the power of the device. Also check the width of the flashlight beam. A wide beam can illuminate a small distance while a narrow beam properly illuminate long distance and is therefore very useful for outdoor use.

The accessories

LED Lamps flashlight run on batteries or with batteries. Our advice will focus on the lamp supplied to the battery because it is more economical. Finally, do not forget the convenience, prefer flashlights that are both lightweight and easy to handle. Models are many on the market and it would be easy to know where to buy a new LED flashlight that fits your needs.

The best LED flashlights 2016

In most cases, a high quality LED flashlight is the result of a combination of the best components. Therefore, if you have a better product, you must be prepared to make some investment.

SG2LRA6U Maglite LED flashlight is a very powerful, very durable and easy to use flashlight. The design of this product is very resistant to limit the possibility that the lamp breaks easily even if it falls.

This model operates in 3 different modes ie on-off mode, full power mode and strobe mode. To switch from one mode to another, simply press once respectively, twice and even three times a button indicating that this product is simple to use. This lamp comes with batteries so that you can use without having to look elsewhere. This product uses standard alkaline batteries so you can easily find them from the vendors you are used to when it’s time to replace those supplied with the lamp.

The diameter of the head Maglite SG2LRA6U is 2,6cm, the diameter of its body is of 2.6 cm and a length of 13,4cm. These measurements indicate that the lamp is easy to handle and carry in your bag if you bring it with you when traveling. Moreover, available at a reasonable price, this model is the best Maglite flashlight cheap market.

You need a powerful mobile light source for work or while hiking and want to know where to buy the best LED flashlight? The Maglite brand should have what you need, especially with the SG2LRA6U Tac Mag model with 3 modes and a brightness of 320 lumens.


Powerful light: With a brightness of 9267 candelas, 320 lumens, the light emitted by this lamp is extremely powerful, probably the most efficient in its class.

3 operation modes: Depending on your needs, you can choose between three operating modes: the momentary fashion (on / off) for a brief need lighting, full power mode (for maximum brightness), and mode stroboscope. You can choose the mode that suits you by pressing a switch.

Solid construction: The Mag SG2LRA6U Tac box is made entirely of anodized aluminum, both inside and outside. This material is both durable and corrosion, ensuring a long life for this flashlight.

Adjustable beam: You can adjust the beam of light through a ring.


Battery Life: Based on user testing, the lamp is cut off suddenly, without warning, when the batteries are exhausted. Better to be equipped with spare batteries to avoid this kind of inconvenience.

Types of poles, breaks preventions, and fix

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Do you have any plan for this vacation. If you are type of person who want to be in nature, you definitely love the idea of camping trip. It is also an exciting experience for your children (if you have). However, before a camping trip, there seems to have a lot of things to prepared. Firstly, the tent. If you intend to have a trip of 4 people, better choose a best 6 person tent, hence you will have more space to accomodate other equiments. Then, you need to study other information of the tent such as how to pitch up, its features, etc. In this article, you will be provided information about types of poles, prevention of breaks, fix.

Types of poles, prevention of breaks, fix

Studs poles are key elements in the tent, since the sustain and maintain the shape. In theory we all want are poles that are light (and thus lower the total weight of the tent), resistant to breakage, resilient to strong winds (ie that bend without breaking and maintaining the shape of the tent) and cheap … well, the bad news is that there is something to meet all these requirements simultaneously.

Duralumin poles:

As close to the ideal written above are Duralumin poles. These rods are all of the above except for the fact that these rods are more expensive than fiberglass and therefore generally see only in models tent high end, usually in the tents of high mountain, made with materials excellent quality where no matter the cost but the performance against inclement weather. Moreover, in extremely cold environments are the aluminum poles are the only option because the fiberglass may become brittle and break easily.

Other advantages are that they are easier to repair in the field while camping (you would need a repair kit) and also, the life of these poles is much longer than the fiberglass.

In short, if money is no problem and you have a tent with fiberglass poles, you can buy a set of aluminum and replace.

Fiberglass poles:

They are most common in our market models igloos 3 stations (which are the most used) use these poles, that is, are those that use the most campers and therefore it is necessary to know its characteristics …

Advantages: they are light for transportation, are flexible and have the necessary resistance to normal weather conditions, wind and rain. They are inexpensive, allowing us to buy extra poles and bring replacement in case we break some camping.

Disadvantages: have a much shorter than the aluminum life, are difficult to repair (often breaks such a way that it is no longer possible), extreme cold or wind can break easily.

To minimize the chances of failure can take these precautions:

a) Adequate pole diameter:

Do not use poles with a diameter less than 8 mm (because they will not hold up well wind). If the tent is less than 150 cm using poles with diameters between 8.3 mm and 9.5 mm. If the tent is between 150 cm and 200 cm poles using 9.5 mm and 11 mm. If the tent is more than 2 meters using larger diameters. (These values are averages, keep in mind that not all poles fiberglass have the same quality and that affects your strength and flexibility, but the quality of the workmanship and materials of the pole is not something you can see with the naked eye. Again, the key here is to trust serious brands of tents and not rely heavily on cheap tents)

b) Another key point is the intersection of studs on the roof of the tent.

In models where there are two studs intersecting perpendicularly (i.e. 90 °) studs can be attached in two ways: with adjusting straps that are attached by a cross and where the two studs are embedded. The latter is ideal if we can implement it, because in case of strong winds force is distributed over the two studs distributed more evenly which reduces the possibility that the pole breaks (while the tent better retains its shape without disturbing people who are inside)

c) In assembling the tent, make sure that the poles are properly hooked to each other and the studs securely fastened with hooks or fasteners have the tent.

In short, fiberglass poles are a good choice for holidays in camping tents 3 seasons but is highly recommendable to buy spare ribs (especially if we have some possibilities zone of strong winds)