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Before Buying an Electric Scooter

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What is an electric scooter, anyway?

If one collects information on the Internet about best electric scooter, there are two models: firstly, the scooter, which is now available already with electronic engine; secondly the small scooter, most of us still know from childhood and they are motorized, too.

The electric scooter is a motorized vehicle with two wheels which combines a moped type chassis to a motor powered by electrical energy (stored in batteries).

On average, electric scooters can run 50 km on their battery, at an average speed of 45 km / h.

This vehicle, therefore, tends to attract more urban. Especially since the search time is relatively long, four hours, knowing that the higher the price of an electric scooter remains more expensive than a traditional scooter.

If the government offers incentives in the form of subsidies for electric cars, this is not yet the case for scooters.

How to convince the consumers to buy an electric scooter? Beyond the satisfaction of not badly affect the environment, the electric scooter has another argument: the cost of maintenance. Quite low, it would be based on average around 50 cents per 100 km.

Scooter insurance side, the rates are lower than a cover for thermal scooters.

Scooters are available with the engine. Motor drive is of course much more convenient, than come into the pedals or having to push with your foot. If everything still works without fuel, fine. For this reason, more and more transport means are constructed with electric motors. This also includes electric scooters, you can sometimes buy street legal. But you should check in advance exactly how one later this purchase did.

This article focuses on the motorized scooter. It seems quite similar to normal scooter, but it has especially a saddle (bicycle seat) and you must have road legal, even lighting and mirrors on the handlebars so that you will be seen and may even keep track.

More information on the legal electric scooter street

Anyone who wants to buy a the electric scooter, he really should just get a model with approval for road traffic, because not all motorized scooters are permitted to ride on the road. As mentioned above, it should be a small street legal scooter with a front and a rear light. It also has a rear view mirror and handbrake on each side of the steering wheel and side reflectors, and a bell, also. Without these accessories, it is not a legal electric scooter for riding on the street.

When buying an electric scooter, certainly the seller can prove that the electric scooter is approved for road traffic. On the internet, in supermarkets or flea markets, you can find from 100 euros, but you can buy it often blindly, so I do not know if you can go on the street. Go rather to a genuine local distributor and can prove everything and explain, even if you pay a lot more there.

If you are caught with an electric scooter with no admission for road traffic, you have to pay a big sum of money and make points even on your license. The same applies if you do not have the necessary license. For the motorized scooter, you need at least a moped certificate (can be deposited from the age of 15 years). Of course, going every other licenses that give you the right to drive a moped.

Electric scooter needs a business license and liability insurance as a moped. In addition, a suitable license drive is required. The insurance must be affixed to the rear cylinder. If these are not available, the vehicle is moved in a control immediately. If the owner of the vehicle causes accident, he must also pay for the damage completely.

A helmet is mandatory, but only if the electric scooters can be faster than 20 km / h. However, the lighting requirements (same or not) to be switched on each trip. Check in advance with the new rules motorized scooters before purchasing.

If you comply with all laws, you will surely have lots of fun with the little scooter. Therefore, a purchase should never be made without research.

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Which Quest Longboard Suits Me

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Which quest longboard suits me

What longboard is suitable is what you can find out from this article. Quest longboards in many types (shapes), sizes, designs with corresponding setups (parts) are available.

How to choose a quest longboard that best suits your need for most boarders depending on the expected use. For a new boarder or a (starting) child, it is may be important to pay attendtion when purchasing a longboard according to specific characteristics such as the shape, size, the corresponding stability and deck surface of a longboard. Of course, design plays a major role in a quest longboard, in this article, you will find many different versions so you can easily find a nice quest longboard for girls or boys. An introductory explanation can be found in “Longboard shapes and sizes.”

Quest longboard shapes

Longboards are available in different shapes. Common types include Pintail, Kick Tail, Drop-down, drop-through, Double Kick, Downhill, Mini Penny cruiser and cruiser boards.

Pintail boards are often used for carving and cruising. Kicktail boards are mainly used for freestyle (skateboard style) and cruising. Long kicktail boards are mainly used for freestyle and dancing. Drop down (dropped) and drop-through boards give great stability and are widely used for long distances and longboard cruising speed. Also used some of these boards for downhill longboarding. Top-mount downhill boards are used mainly for downhill boarding. Mini-cruiser and pool decks are widely used for pool / freestyle and short-distance cruising.

The type of board that is often seen in movies is the double-kick longboard, this board type is often symmetrical and has rear with a kick. These boards are widely used for free ride, freestyle and slide longboarding. Continue reading

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How to climb better on a mountain bike

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So you’ve recently taken on mountain biking, after recommendations from friends and family, and after serious consideration brought about by what you’ve probably been watching on TV. Something about riding a bike across terrains unknown and otherwise breathtakingly beautiful gives you a sense of longing, a sense of wanting to be free from the everyday grind.

You’ve consulted with your expert buddies who have had the hobby for years ahead of you, and now you’ve gone to the point where you’ve bought a best mountain bikes under 500 USD for yourself. You’ve taken it out for a spin, and so far, in the first trails and paths you’ve taken, you’ve been very satisfied.

If you have a small budget, see this guide to choose a best mountain bike under 300.

Unfortunately, when it comes to climbing steeper trails, you’re finding yourself wanting, particularly when you see others going ahead of you. Far ahead of you.

Does this sound familiar? Do not fret. While climbing with your mountain bike is not a skill instantly mastered, it will definitely factor in most, if not all of the trails you will be riding through, no matter what skill level you place yourself in. In other words, it helps to improve your climbing game, and it helps to improve it yesterday.

Somewhere in this and other similar articles, you’re bound to hear the words that practice makes perfect. While there are a lot of factors to climbing with a mountain bike that involve practice, practice, and more practice, here are some tips you ought to try to immediately improve your climbing:

Prioritize Proper Preparations

The chances of the most efficient and effective biking trip increase with taking the right precautions. Check yourself and your bike with the same mindset you would have when you check your car before taking a long trip. Read some helpful tips at RecreationSpace.com to know what’s in a mountain biker’s survival kit.

While you check gas and oil among other things in a car, you would do well to check air and water before you go on a biking excursion. This means you would check the air on your tires, so you have the right pressure to handle the terrain, whether you are on an incline or a flat path.

Checking water? Your bike stays dry; it’s you who needs to hydrate. Don’t make the mistake of drinking only when you feel like it, especially during more physical activities where you know you’ll be sweating buckets in a short period of time. Have a good drink of water around 10-20 minutes before you even set off, and you should be all set. Continue reading

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Tips to clean the inside of your car

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Remove stains and pet hair on seat covers, make shine to plastic discolored surfaces and fight against bad smells … Here are some simple, practical and economical solutions to restore the luster to the interior of your vehicle.

Maintain carpet and floor mats

Carpets tend to deteriorate rapidly, especially in the driver’s seat. It is very important to ensure their maintenance: in fact, a carpet that let through moisture will accelerate the corrosion of the floor.
Practice Tip: Quick and efficient, baking soda is recommended to deodorize the seats and carpet. Leave it for 15 minutes or longer in case of persistent odors. Next, vacuuming your carpets with best car vacuum!

Wash laminated surfaces

Use a sponge, combined with a detergent or dishwashing liquid to clean the plastic laminated surfaces in your vehicle.
Better to start at the bottom of the doors, usually the dirtiest because of climbs and descents.
For sensitive surfaces such as electronic equipment and meters, use a simple cloth is enough.
For doors and dashboard, a damp microfiber is ideal since it removes much dust between the windshield and the board. For the air vents, a toothbrush is sometimes necessary for these difficult to access.
To complete the cleaning, it is advisable to rinse with a well wrung sponge, and wipe with a lint-free soft cloth or chamois.
Practical Tip: A clean cloth slightly dampened with fabric softener helps give a glow to the dashboard and laminated surfaces!

Fight against stains

Continue reading

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How To Get Great Waffles

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Your waffles are not as good as you would like

Waffles are among your favorite food but sometimes they turn out to be disappointing. Does that sound familiar?

When you brought your iron you were convinced it was the best waffle maker, but tasteless waffles demonstrate that something has gone wrong. Yet do not put the waffle in the trash, or stop making waffles for breakfast. Instead try some of these waffle recipes and waffle making tips to restore your confidence in your waffle iron and your own ability.


If the previously trusted combination of waffle recipes, trusted recipes, and your ability are not working try something different.

There is very little difference between a tasteless waffle and a great one, save for changing the recipes and using better techniques.

Make better batter

Getting the batter mixture right for your waffles is a key part of achieving great tasting waffles. Continue reading

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What Are Some of The Best Mountain Bikes Under 1000 To Chose From

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It was a very hot and humid Saturday morning, as I had one foot clipped into my mountain bike, while waiting patiently with about thirty other riders at the startup line for a 15-mile mountain bike race. As I sat there, I looked over at the other competitors, and did notice that some of them did have a ball of fire within their eyes and others had very ripped leg muscles. They were all sitting on their bikes, some of them had carbon fiber bikes, while others had hard tail and full suspension choice bikes. There was even a few 29ers as well. Here, was me, I only had one year of experience.

This one year of experience was riding on single track trails with my Trek full suspension mountain bike. I was doing my very best to stay pumped up. This was probably going to be a very grueling bike race. Right before the gunshot was heard, I was keeping my hands totally relaxed on the handle bar grips, and did only let go long enough to make sure that my gloves were on tight enough. I also needed to make sure my helmet was adjusted properly. I take a few sips out from the Camelbak hydration system that was strapped to my person. When the gunshot finally went off and was heard all across the mountain bike park.

We all were suddenly caught up in a very mad dash to get away from the starting line and make our way from the open field towards the single track trails. While in the process of changing gears, I gazed across at the other riders in front of me, and did wonder what I would personally encounter in this bike race. A thought suddenly did go flashing through the back of my mind.

What are the best mountain bikes under 1000 overall?

The answer to this question is one that should be researched personally. There are lots of awesome best mountain bikes under 1000 on the market. A person just needs to know how to look for them personally. The thought that did come to the back of my mind was all about this. I thought about what would lead me up to buying a mountain bike.

How long would it take me before I finally did feel confident about daring to ride a bike through rugged terrain? The very same could be said about switchback trails and very steep hills. Would this new sport be able to help me out in other key endurance sports that I did compete in? I had to wait to find out what the answers would be for me. Continue reading

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Preserve your food with these best food preservation methods

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food preservation

One of the oldest technologies that humans have been using is called as food preservation. Though there are lot many people who strongly disagree about different methods of food preservation and which is the best method but all have one common goal in mind and that is to have fresh and wholesome food. The best part about preserving the food is that you can store your food for a long period of time and re-use it again with all the nutritional value intact. These days the best pressure cooker is used for preserving food but still there are many old techniques which are being put into use.

best pressure cooker for canning

Apart from retaining its nutritional value, preserved food is safe and is free from naturally occurring toxins, harmful chemicals and pathogenic microorganisms. You can easily make food bacteria free by sterilizing it. Take for example; if milk is not sterilized then the naturally occurring bacteria can spoil the milk in three to four hours if it is left in open at room temperature. If put the same milk into a refrigerator then the bacteria growth slows down and the milk can be kept in a good condition for even few weeks.

What does food preservation involves?

  • The process of food preservation involves treating of food with special elements. This treated food is then handled in such a manner that it stays fresh for a long period of time.
  • Take for example, during ancient times, Egyptian people use to treat cheese with salt and then this cheese was stored in lime induced clothes. This helped them to use cheese for a long period of time. This is just one simple technique shared with you, but there are thousands of food preservation techniques that are available and many of them are still being deployed by humans.

Different methods of food preservation

Let us try to find more about different methods of food preservation in detail: Continue reading

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Tent time! Take the latest, greatest and most affordable tents

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Whether you’re backpacking or family campers, in the backcountry or car-camping with your troop, your tent is your home away from home (so called best family tent). But a flimsy, leaky, sauna-hot tent isn’t much of a home. is it? That’s why Gear Guy is here to help you pick just the right tent for the kind of camping you want to do.


REI PASSAGE 2 ($159) At just under 5 pounds with two side doors and vestibules, along with lightweight aluminum poles, the Passage is a great two-man backpacking option. It’s freestanding with lots of ceiling mesh for ventilation, and color-coded poles and clips make it super easy to pitch. 4 lbs. 14 oz./ 33.75 sq. ft.

KELTY SALIBA 2 ($159) This is the most well-rounded backpacking tent here. It’s a simple freestanding, classic dome design with tons of mesh, and a single door and vestibule. Although it has slightly less interior space than the other two-man tents, the Salida weighs in at less than 4 pounds! 3 lbs. 12 oz. / 30.5 sq. ft.

BSA MOUNTAINEER ($139) New from our pals at Scoutstuff.org, the Mountaineer has the most living space of the two-man tents here. It comes with lightweight aluminum poles, organizer pockets and a gear loft inside. It has a single door and a vestibule that’s roomy enough for two packs and two pairs of boots. 5 lbs. 7oz. / 36.25 sq. ft.


SLUMBERJACK TRAIL TENT 2 ($79) This simple two-man free-standing dome is the most affordable option here–we even saw it online for $66! It’s heavier than others, and has just a single door and vestibule, but the price makes it worth a took. 5 lbs. 9 oz. / 33.3 sq. ft.

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How To Find the Best Ar-15 Scope

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There are common questions that need to be answered when buying an Ar-15 scope and of course those who are trying to sell their product will tell you should get theirs. Knowing what your need and defining the questions that you had will help you choose the best one you can get.

How to find the best Ar-15 scope


The more expensive ones are usually the better ones because they cost more for a reason. The quality and durability is what you need so you must not go cheap when getting a scope. They also come with better optics.

Go for larger objective lens

When you have a bigger objective lens, it will gather more light so you can see your target more clearly. This would be perfect under low light conditions and it will matter a lot if you are specifically targeting something. Even if bigger lenses are heavier, they will give you a better view.

Larger tube

If the tube is larger, it will give you more light transmission and it also enables you to do more adjustments to get more elevation and windage. A bigger tube weighs more and the  cross-section is 39% heavier which makes the overall weight 39% heavier.

Get a scope that is appropriate for your ammo

The scope that you get should be right for the maximum distance that you will be shooting. Buying a scope will add weight, size, and cost so only scopes that you will really need.


If you need one that lets you see a target that is farther away, you should get one with higher magnification. It will cost more, but you will be able to see a target better and have a better aim. Continue reading

Keep Healthy

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Don’t toss back those painkillers like candy. Sports medicine experts recommend NSAIDs be used selectively and with caution. Keep these general tips in mind.


If applied before an injury has a chance to swell significantly, ice often works faster and provides more pain relief than medication. Ice helps drown out signals from the pain-carrying fibers, reduces local blood flow to minimize swelling and chills nerves below their normal operating temperature. Apply ice every two hours for 20 minutes as long as the injury hurts.


Dr. Rizzo recommends asking yourself two questions before deciding to work through the pain. First, is the pain causing you to change your mechanics? If so, reduce your intensity, frequency and distance for a few weeks to let the injury heal or temporarily switch to another form of exercise.

Second, how long does the pain persist after a workout? It should return to a manageable baseline within two hours, especially if you use ice and NSAIDs. If it persists longer, odds are that continued workouts will damage soft tissues.


Never consume more than the maximum daily dosage indicated on the label unless advised to do so by your doctor.

Don’t get impatient: The pain may be zapped with a single dose, but Rizzo warns that it may take up to five doses before the anti-inflammatory effects kick in. And always check with your doctor if you’re pregnant or nursing. Continue reading

Best Metal Detector for Security

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Spending on a good metal detector is worth the price especially if you are in a place that has a community for you to protect and several guards to equip. If you compromise on the quality of your security equipment, you could also be putting the lives of people in danger. One of the best metal detectors out there is the one by Rapiscan systems. They have been making metal detectors for 40 years and it is still a growing company today. Their metal detectors can be for indoor and outdoor use making it suitable for almost any security situation.

Best metal detector for security

Metor 150

This metal detector has a detection field that is uniformed and it gives a complete detection without depending on the orientation of an object so it is very sensitive and efficient. The control unit is friendly and it is integrated into the cross piece allowing better execution and function.

An access code is needed to operate the metal detector therefore preventing just anyone to play or change the settings. This is important because only the security should know this code and be able to access the metal detector. It is not only easy to set-up, but it is highly sensitive as well.

This metal detector is active all throughout and will be able to detect threat at all times.

Metor 6M

This is primarily used for detecting weapons and it is multi-purpose. Mostly used in airports, seaports, prisons, federal houses, and court rooms. This one already screens a person entirely as they walk through metal detector. It can work even in high traffic situations and crowded areas. Continue reading


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The pain pathway. To understand why NSAIDs have gained such popularity among ache-prone athletes, consider the biochemical basis of sports pain. Whether you hurt because of an acutely twisted ankle or shoulder tendons worn raw by too many tennis serves, pain is triggered in essentially the same fashion.

Trauma to muscles and connective tissues ruptures cell membranes, allowing the cells’ molecules to leak into the surrounding fluids, explains J. David Haddox, D.D.S., M.D., former president of the American Academy of Pain Medicine. These chemicals, in turn, are broken down by enzymes into what has been nicknamed “inflammatory soup”–a bouillabaisse of prostaglandins, leukotrienes, histamine, bradykinin and other elements that stimulate swelling, increase blood flow and trigger the onslaught of white blood cells, which your body uses to clean up and rebuild injured tissue.

Though all these biomolecules play a role in the perception of pain, inflammatory prostaglandins are particularly active. NSAIDs work, in large part, by kiboshing the production of prostaglandins in the first place. Fewer prostaglandins means less inflammation as well as fewer “ouch” signals that ultimately make their way to the brain.

Okay, so you feel better–but do these medicines help you get better? Definitely not, says Gabe Mirkin, M.D., a sports medicine expert at Georgetown University’s School of Medicine. Inflammation, he argues, is an integral part of the body’s healing process, and we hinder it at our own peril. “There’s no evidence that NSAIDs hasten healing,” Mirkin says. “Whenever you try to change nature, you lose something. I think you’re usually better off taking nothing.”

Others preach a more moderate line

“I think that nature’s inflammatory response is sometimes too strong,” the Mayo Clinic’s Rizzo says. “When you get too much inflammation and swelling, it can impede range of motion, which can delay healing. Our goal is not to eliminate the body’s inflammatory response but to modify it.”

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Less pain, Less gain?

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Masters figure-skating champion and orthopedic surgeon Angela Smith, M.D., recalls a world-class competitor who developed “boot-top tendinitis”–a painful inflammation midway up her shin. “It was an Olympic year, and she felt she had to continue training,” Smith recalls.

So for several weeks, the young woman took relatively modest daily doses of NSAIDs while pushing herself on the ice. During one of the skater’s checkups, Smith found that the pain had shifted to another part of her leg and gotten much worse. X rays showed the telltale fuzz of new bone being laid down–the radiographic signature of a stress fracture. “Her pain had been blunted enough by the medicine,” Smith says, “that she was able to do herself a lot more harm.”

Less pain, less gain?

Such cautionary episodes are hardly uncommon. Dave Jenkinson, head team physician for the USA Canoe/Kayak team, has seen dozens of cases of elite and recreational paddlers alike start out with low-level, chronic tendinitis and, thanks to handfuls of pain relievers, exercise their way into major shoulder problems.

“Lots of athletes rely on these drugs as a kind of `stretch in a bottle,'” Jenkinson says. “You show up for a weekend workout with no time to spare for general conditioning and appropriate warm-up. So you pop a couple of pills instead of stretching. That’s not the way these drugs are meant to be used. They can be helpful medicines, but they are not a replacement for common sense.”

Pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co. estimates that 13 million Americans regularly take over-the-counter NSAIDs. Of these, some 76,000 are hospitalized annually with bleeding ulcers–and 7,600 end up dying from them. When it comes to athletes, no exact statistics exist on how common NSAID abuse is, but talk to any sports medicine practitioner (or, for that matter, any committed athlete), and you’re likely to get an earful of war stories.

Since 1984, when the Food and Drug Administration first approved ibuprofen for sale without a prescription, the over-the-counter market for NSAIDs has grown into a $3-billion-a-year industry. Fields estimates that 75 percent of his athletic patients regularly use these over-the-counter drugs, and they don’t always do so wisely.

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A Shot at The Olympic Trials

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Before you pop your next pill, find out why it doesn’t pay to play doctor.

The 28-year-old marathoner had trained for years to reach this point–a shot at the Olympic trials. But several weeks before the qualifying event, her Achilles tendon became so inflamed and painful she could hardly run. Rather than cutting back and letting the injury heal, she opted for a fix well-known to scores of athletes both amateur and professional.

2:40 pace for the first 24 miles

For the next two weeks, she popped 20 ibuprofen tablets a day, all the while continuing her training. On the day of the race, she felt strong, holding a grueling 2:40 pace for the first 24 miles. But two miles from the finish line, her body rebelled. Waves of bloody diarrhea coursed down her legs, yet she forced herself to continue.

Frightened and embarrassed, she crossed the finish line and headed straight to the medical tent, where Karl Bert Fields, M.D., a sports medicine specialist and veteran marathoner himself, suspected a ruptured blood vessel in her colon. “She had become anemic from the blood loss,” Fields recalls. “We had to rush her to the ER for a colonoscopy and cauterization to stop the bleeding.”

An extreme case? Yes, but not an isolated one. Over-the-counter pain relievers called nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs (pronounced “en-sayds”), are a class of closely related medications that inhibit inflammation without the use of steroids such as cortisone. The category includes generic and brand name forms of aspirin, ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB), naproxen (Aleve) and, the most recently approved, ketoprofen (Orudis KT and Actron).

Often used in the treatment of arthritis, they are also helpful in reducing fever and relieving the pain of headaches, menstrual cramps and sports injuries. But when the drugs are taken at superhigh doses or for prolonged periods, they can be harmful, even fatal. Continue reading